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Australasian Association for Literature
Literature and Affect Conference
Old Arts Building, University of Melbourne


Wednesday 2 July

Registration from 1:30pm
Welcome 2pm


Session 1: 2:30-4pm

McMahon Ball Theatre

North Lecture Theatre

South Lecture Theatre

Panel 1

Postcolonial Affect:

Chair: Kim L. Worthington

R. Benedito Ferrao
Whiteness is a Feeling: Indo-Portuguese Colonization and the Affective Archive of Skin


Jessica Gildersleeve
The Best of All Possible Worlds?: Cultures of Emotion in Christos Tsiolkas’s The Slap and Barracuda


Panel 2

Maternal Affect:

Chair: Laura Saxton

 Elizabeth Towl
“Hi thole this ded for thine sake”: Explaining the Atonement in Two Middle English Devotional Texts


Daniel Hourigan
Coraline, Psychoanalysis, and the Other Mother


Katie Hansord
Emotion and Critical Distance in Emily Manning’s The Balance of Pain

Panel 3

Affective Fallacies:

Chair: Joe Hughes


Niklas Fischer
Narrative, Empathy, and the Limits of Understanding: John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and J.M. Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K


Penelope Hone
Physiological Acoustics and Literary Form: the Nineteenth-Century “Affective Turn”

Ilona Urquhart
‘Deceit, to the point of diabolism’:  The Danger of Humbert’s Narration in Lolita

Afternoon Tea: 4-4:30pm


Session 2: 4:30-6pm

McMahon Ball Theatre

North Lecture Theatre

South Lecture Theatre

Panel 4

Beckett’s Affects:

Chair: Anthony Uhlmann

Paul Rae
Woe is Me: The Prompts of Happy Days

Russell Smith
Benevolence, Eroticism and the Sentimental Encounter: Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey and Samuel Beckett’s The Calmative

Corey Wakeling
Hypnosis by Theatrical Temporality in Samuel Beckett’s Theatrical Trilogy Not I / Footfalls / Rockaby

Panel 5

Ecocritical Feeling and Literature:

Chair: Stephen Harris

Grace Moore
Alert, but not Alarmed: Emotion, Place and Anticipated Disaster in John Kinsella’s Bushfire Approaching

Tom Bristow
Affective Points of Contact: Bioregional Biography in Alice Oswald’s Sleepwalk on the Seven (2009)

Tom Ford
Can Literature Feel Green?

Panel 6

Feeling Victorian:

Chair: Penelope Hone

Scarlet Luk
Middlemarch’s Narrator and the Ladies 

Jenny Kohn
Feelings, Identification, and Difference: the Politics of Victorian Novel Form 

Helen Groth
Automated Affects: Experimental Late Victorian Narratove Forms


Keynote: Heather Love
The Salt of the World:
Desire and Description in Patricia Highsmith’s
The Price of Salt


Cocktail Reception: 7-9pm



Thursday 3 July


Session 4: 9-10:30am

McMahon Ball Theatre

North Lecture Theatre

South Lecture Theatre

Lecture Theatre C

Panel 7

The Hounds of Love:

Chair: Grace Moore


Rowena Lennox
Head of a Dog




Susan Pyke
The Circling Bush




Lisa Smithies
Writing DNA: How Does Human Behavioural Biology Influence Creative Writing?

Panel 8

The Speaking Body:

Chair: Sarah Balkin


Stephanie Trigg
‘A glance of brightness’: Facial Expression and Emotion in Jane Austen


Sean Barry
Great Talkers on Little Matters: Prolixity and the Grounds of Character in Byron, Scott, and Austen

Joe Hughes
Time, Form and Desire: The Representation of Action in Fanny Hill

Panel 9

Popular Fiction:


Chair: Leigh McLennon


Patricia J. Smith
"Popsies" and Pussy Galore: James Bond, the Profumo Affair, and the Zeitgeist of 1963


Daniel Bedggood
Utopian Desire and the Problems of Posthuman Affect



Nicholas Cowley
Weirdly Reading  Desire, Frustration, and the Pulp Audience in H.P. Lovecraft

Panel 10

American Poetics:


Chair: Bridget Vincent


Lindsay Tuggle
“Phantoms of Countless Lost”:  Amputation and Affect in Walt Whitman’s War Prose

Sean Pryor
Mina Loy’s Bliss: Affect and Form



Gavin Smith
“The Emotion of Having a Thought” – Poetry as an Embodied Experience: From Robert Frost to Antonio Damasio



Morning Tea: 10:30-10:50am


Session 5: 10:50-12:20pm

Panel 11

Material Sympathy:


Chair: Judith Barbour

Sarah Comyn
The Woollen Coat:
Adam Smith’s Sympathetic Economy


Stephanie Russo
Importing French Fashions: Mary Robinson, Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution

Panel 12

Monster Lady:


Chair: Susan Pyke


Gabrielle Kristjanson
Cruel Desire: Narcissism and the Female Predator


Laura Saxton
‘God, I Hate Her’: Affect in Twenty-First-Century Representations of Anne Boleyn as Stepmother


Fiona Gregory
Feelings on Display: Representations of the Actress and Mental Illness

Panel 13



Chair: Ned Curthoys

Dvir Abramovich
The Holocaust Affect on the Israeli Literary Aesthetic: A Torturous Relationship

Sarah Richardson
‘Phoebe “Never Gets Over Anything” Gloeckner’: Trauma and Productive Shame in two Comics

Panel 14

Medieval and Early Modern Desire and Cognition:

Chair:  Helen Hickey

Tekla Bude
Math, Affect, and Mystical Theology: Desire and the Language of God


Antonina Harbus
Cognitive Processing and Emotion in Literary Responses to Poetry



John Severn
Menippean Discourse and Same-Sex Desire in John Fletcher’s The Woman’s Prize, or The Tamer Tamed


Lunch: 12:20-1.15pm


Keynote: Sharon Marcus
Celebrity 2.0: The Case of Marina Abramovic



Afternoon Tea: 2:15–2:45pm


Session 6: 2:45-4:15pm

Panel 15

Queer Affect:


Chair: Jonathon Zapasnik

Angela Hesson
Of Hedgerows and Holy Relics: Queering Nostalgia in the Novels of Ronald Firbank


Sashi Nair
Affect, Desire and Queer Ecologies in Patrick White’s The Twyborn Affair

Stephen Ablitt
Hermaphrodite Himself: Jacques Derrida, Generic Illegibility and the Queered Reader

Panel 16

Dead Performance:


Chair: Corey Wakeling

Mary Luckhurst
Acting and Reanimating the Dead



Sarah Balkin
Monist Dramaturgy in Strindberg’s The Black Glove


Denise Varney
Affect and Theatre


Panel 17

Spectacular Bodies, High and Low Affect:

Chair: Elena Benthaus

Jen Craig
Overlooking the Body: The Gagging Reflex in Theoretical Writings about Culture and Eating Disorders

Lauren Bliss
The Apathetic Copy: A Figural Analysis of Body Melt


Rosslyn Almond
Exulting in Her Shouting Body:  Corporeality and Affect in Fiona McGregor’s Indelible Ink

Panel 18

Literature and the Passions:


Chair: James Phillips

R. A. Goodrich
Wollstonecraft, Hartley, and Hume: Assaying the Passions


Aleksondra Hultqvist
Eliza Haywood’s Laboratory of Feeling

Jacinthe Flore
Affects of the Perverse Imagination




Session 7: 4:15-5:45pm

Panel 19


Chair: Fiona Gregory

Elena Benthaus
So You Think You Can WOW – Popular Screen Dance and Affective Bodies



Prithvi Varatharajan
Mediation of Affective Response in Vicki’s Voice



Victoria Reeve
Bridging Gaps in Affective Space: Kazuo Ishuguro’s Floating Worlds

Panel 20

Romantic Agons:

Chair: Helen Groth


Beornn McCarthy
Affective Labour and Field Stone Covenants: Romantic Repetitions of Job from Robert Lowth to Autonomists

Judith Barbour
Found in Translation: the double work of Dante Gabriel Rossetti from New Life to The House of Life

Panel 21


Chair: Lauren Bliss


Laura Henderson
The Film Moved Me: Emotional Contagion, Film and Affective Landscapes



Nick Strole
Reconfiguring and Performing Emotions Passed: Image and the Performative in Mouawad and Villeneuve’s Incendies

Monique Rooney
Earth-Object: Lars von Trier’s Melancholia (2011) and Melodramatic Affect

Panel 22

American Codes:

Chair: Joshua Comyn

Nick Lord
Design and Affect: Feeling Our Way through Danielewski’s Labyrinths


Tyne Daile Sumner
The Electric Milker, The Wifey: Domesticity, Poetry and Cold War Anxiety 



Scott Wark
The Technical Temporalities of Feeling in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes


Friday 4 July


Session 8: 9-10:30am

McMahon Ball Theatre

North Lecture Theatre

South Lecture Theatre

Lecture Theatre C

Panel 23

Polite Fictions:



Chair: Russell Smith

Jasmin Kelaita
Awkward Characters/Anxious Subjects: The Affect of Awkwardness in the Modernist Fiction of Jean Rhys

James Phillips
She Stoops to Conquer: Oliver Goldsmith and the Stakes of Politeness



Panel 24

New Media:



Chair: Justin Clemens

Simone Murray
Everyone’s a Critic: Mass Amateur Book Reviewing in the Digital Literary Sphere


Anna Helle
The Affective Performatives of Body and Sexuality in Tytti Heikkinen’s Taxidermied Animal’s Warmth


Anna Gibbs
Charged Feeling: The Affective Current in Electronic Literature

Panel 25




Chair: Scott Wark


Ned Curthoys
Richard Rorty’s Contribution to Affect Studies



Joshua Comyn
“The routine was coming to him like dictation”: The Automatism of Affect in the work of William S. Burroughs

Michael Richardson
The Indeterminacy of Affect

Panel 26

Affective Encounters with Modernist Women’s Poetry:

Chair: Sean Pryor


Mark Steven
Not Sappho, Sacco: Communist Affect in Muriel Rukeyser’s Theory of Flight


Kristin Grogan
“Such a physical thing”: Lyric and Affect in the Poetry of Lorine Niedecker




Morning Tea: 10:30-11am


Keynote 11-12pm: Gillian Russell
Master Betty’s Accents: Affect, Celebrity and the Irish Voice on the Romantic Stage around 1800

Lunch: 12-12:45pm


Session 9: 12:45-2.15pm

Panel 27

Avatars, Affect, and Agency:

Chair: Angela Ndalianis



Justin Clemens
Avatar Degree Zero:
An Introduction


Robbie Fordyce Positioning the Videogame Avatar: Perspective, Affect, Investment


Luke van Ryn
Dwarf Fortress:
Homestead and Laboratory

Panel 28

Politics and Emotion:

Chair: Clara Tuite



Emily Direen
Anxious Vessels: Unruly Affect and the Figure of the Child in Post-9/11 Fiction


Ling Toong
The Great Singaporean Divide: The Dialectics of Absenting Affect in the Works of Catherine Lim

Aaron Humphrey
Emotion, Anonymity and Affect in Asylum Seeker Comics

Panel 29



Chair: Victoria Reeve



Zoe Thomas
The Siren Song of Affect: Nostalgia as a Vessel for Autobiographical Practice


Stephen Harris
‘Landscape Memoir’: Ecopoetic Affect and Literary Politics



Chris Danta
Red Peter, Anthropotechnician: Kafka with Sloterdijk



Panel 30

Shame, Guilt and Repentance: the Ethics of Regret in Contemporary World Literature:

Chair: Niklas Fischer

Kim L. Worthington
Confronting a Forgotten Past: Shame, Guilt and Blame in Jaspreet Singh’s Helium (2013)

James Meffan
 J.M. Coetzee Is Bad at Sex



Celina Bortolotti
Telling Whispers: Emotions, Secrets and Identity in Las historias secretas de Marta Veneranda/The Forbidden Stories of Marta Veneranda  (1997)



Session 10: 2:15-3:45pm

Panel 31



Chair: Sarah Comyn


Francesca Kavanagh
Fast Cars and Classic Literature: Innocent and Guilty Pleasures in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga



Ashleigh Pyke
‘Subjects of thought furnish not sufficient employment in solitude’: Gothic Sociability, Eighteenth-Century Reading and the Affective Turn

Leigh McLennon
Burial, Language and Postcolonial Trauma: Reading Gothic Melancholia in Last of the Mohicans

Panel 32

Queer Reading:


Chair: Patricia J. Smith


Peta Mayer
Recovering Affect, Sensuality and the Backwards Turn by Staging the Performance of the Aesthete in Anita Brookner’s
A Misalliance (1986)

Anna Westbrook
Relational Jouissance and the Erotics of Reading Queerly, or: “Something Like Orgasm Accompanied By Crying”?

Jonathon Zapasnik
The Event of Sexuality: (Un)Reading Eric Michaels’ Unbecoming

Panel 33

Twentieth Century Novel:

Chair: Tyne Sumner


Tamlyn Avery
Disaffected Youth: Consumerism and the Early “Waning of Affect” in the American Bildungsroman



Kate Montague
Tragic Affect and the Postwar American Novel




Anthony Uhlmann
Intertextuality and the Sense of Truth in Coetzee’s Dusklands

Panel 34

Roundtable on Affect, Critical Reading, and the Embodied Self:

Chair: Antonina Harbus

Melissa Raine
Affect, Critical Reading and the Embodied Self




Helen Hickey
The Authority of Tears




Michael Richardson
Escaping the Problem of Judgment


Afternoon Tea: 3:45-4:15pm


Closing Roundtable: Heather Love, Sharon Marcus & Gillian Russell

Drinks at Tsubu